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The Victoria Story Series

Stories that EMPOWER kids

Welcome to the website of Kathy Carré, author of the Victoria Story Series. Why publish books now at this beautiful     stage in my life?     


  •  Because I CAN! Anyone can make their dream come true if they work at it! 

  •  I love children!

  •  I love to help equip kids with tools that they can use to feel more confident and self-assured.

  •  I used this series of stories in the school system for years and I saw the impact they made on the kids!

  •  The reaction from those who knew Victoria in previous years has been something that I cannot ignore.

  •  Because my colleagues in the education field told me that these stories have to get out there to reach more kids

  • THAT'S WHY! 




Thanks for visiting. Take a look around the site to learn more about my stories and to stay on top of all the news about each book as they come out!











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Introducing BOOK #2 of the series:  

A jealous Victoria hurts Whitney Baker's feelings, and looks inside herself to find out why. She learns that, while feeling jealous is okay, hurting others is not.