I am one excited Grandma to be creating and publishing stories! It is such a thrill that I get  to show my  grandchildren that you can make any dream come true if you are willing to work for it!!!


I am a retired Counselor, Kid Coach and Student Support Worker where I worked for several years in the elementary school system designing and implementing social skills programs, and offering one on one supportive counseling to kids. I loved that each child walked out of my office feeling great about who they are as people! I often co-wrote stories with them using my character as they used  their own to help them deal with their issues. It was truly MAGICAL!


My husband, Mike and I live in the foothills of the beautiful Lacloche Mountains where the famous Group of Seven enjoyed the same stunning views that we enjoy today.  This is my playground when it comes to my passion for photography!  We have two grown children and three grandchildren.




The Victoria Story Series began percolating in my heart and soul over 20 years ago.  Having worked in the school system for several years, I became acutely aware of the peer issues that young children deal with on a daily basis.


Children relate well to Victoria. She is faced with common situations that touch on the child's everyday experience. These easy to read stories will help your child cope with difficult feelings such as jealousy; dealing with having the flu; or struggling with difficult peer situations.


Victoria is a valuable tool in helping children get in touch with, and trust their inner voice - the reservoir of GOLD they have within.




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Kathy Carré

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